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What is ZypPages?

About Us

ZypPages™ is a new patent-pending application that enables small contractors, micro-businesses, service providers, personal businesses and all sole proprietorships worldwide to create an instant online presence without building a web site.

Its patent-pending method uploads documents such as “flyers” and establishes the owner’s mobile number as internet link resulting in a valuable and instant online presence. ZypPages addresses a huge global market, is useful across all market segments.

New Service in a New Market

ZypPages is a new service and is not in competition with any existing service. It is not a shopping service, aggregator, sharing environment or search service. It is a special internet application that enables small contractors and service providers to upload a flyer of their business and link it to their mobile number.

A Zyppages transaction starts offline with a phone number obtained from business cards, classified ads, friend's recommendations, flyers, newsletters, bulletin boards, etc. It enables customers to get basic decision support info without requiring a web site or search.

Why Was ZypPages Created

The ZypPages target market is the small contractor and service provider that have no online presence; this is a large, important and ignored market.

There are many online services and networks dedicated to professionals and social users, but nothing for the large and important global middle market of small contractors, tradesmen and vocational service providers. The vast majority of small contractors have no internet presence and use flyers, business cards and other local advertising services to get the word out to attract customers. In a typical issues of a local newspaper there were 160 display and classified ads; 100 (62%) of them did not have websites. In today’s environment, it is important to have an up-to-date online information page.

The world’s population is now 7 billion and ‘only’ about 2 billion people are currently on the internet. But, in contrast, there are more than 5 billion existing mobile phone contracts and while a majority of small contractors may not have a web site, most have a mobile phone.

The International labor organization (ILO.org) estimates that there are about 640 million professional workers in the world and well over 3 billion in the general work force. The U.S. CENSUS BUREAU reported that the U.S. has over 35 million ‘proprietors’ including about 21 million sole proprietors and 14 million with employees.

For sole proprietors creating and maintaining a full web site may not be viable as the cost to set up and maintain site is prohibitive. And, in most cases, the information on a one-page “flyer” is all that is required to help customers make a decision to call them.

Patents & Trademarks

The ZypPages system is part of a patent-pending registration.

How It Works

First Time Here

If you're new to ZypPages, this will guide you to getting up and running on ZypPages in minutes flat.

  1. If you haven't already - create your page. You can do this on any word processor.
  2. On zyppages.com, enter your mobile phone # and press "enter" or click the arrow.
  3. Open the toolbar (located in the top-right corner).
  4. In the opened toolbar, select "Update Page" to begin the verification process
  5. A popup will prompt you to click a button to send a text message
  6. Once verification code is accepted you can browse your computer and select the flyer file that you want uploaded.

Verification Process

We use a closed-loop verification via text messages.
A 6-digit code is sent via text message to the phone #.
The user is then prompted to enter that code to verify the indeed have access to that phone.
We dubbed this process 'piki', and it allows us to manage information without having to necessitate user accounts.

No Account Creation

Since we use phone numbers for verification, we can bypass the commonly clumsy account creation process that most sites use. No usernames, no passwords, not even an email.

Pricing & Charges

During the launch period there will be no charges for any of the ZypPages Services.

How Customers Benefit


A contractor can just use his business card to identify his service and indicate that details can always be found via his mobile number on ZypPages. Makes it easy to get up-to-date information.

Get Data to Help Decide on Services

Customers and prospects can get details of their business by just entering the telephone number from a classified ad, business card or flyer.  In many cases a one-page “flyer” is all that is required to help customers make a decision to call them and ZypPages provides a simple tool to self-publish a flyer online and render a mobile number as internet address.

Activates Business Card Collections

Everyone keeps the business card of someone they ‘might’ use in the future. When they have the need and want to be reminded about that person there is no easy way to get current information. Things often change so it is valuable to be able to check the latest information. With ZypPages, potential customers can just use the contractors’ mobile number and get an instant display of the related one-page profile; this can include a picture, availability, prices, territory served, etc. A time/date stamp is displayed indicting when data last updated. One page is all that is needed to inform and make a decision to contact.

Expand a physical flyer to the web

ZypPages ‘Internet-enables” the Flyers Typically seen on supermarket bulletin boards, café walls, in newsletters, etc., with ZypPages customers can get a look at basic information, photo, rates, area covered, recommended etc before they make a call.

Check Past Providers

A contractor that repaired your door last year. Is he still in business? Check out his latest flyer for new references and date that the data was last updated.

Check Car Service

That limo driver that you used last summer in Dayton you still have his business card. However, things often change. To obtain most current information, just enter mobile number and check. Or perhaps you lost his or her card but would recognize a photo so the zip code and category feature would let you see the “flyer”

Check Piano Teacher

That card that the teacher gave you last summer, you still have it. What were her rates? What hours? What does studio look like? Any references? Check without calling

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