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How do I post a document? Our getting started page will guide you through the necessary steps to have a page up in seconds.
You'll just need your cell phone (within reach) that is capable of receiving text messages.
Do I need to register or create an account? No, not in the traditional sense.
Instead of traditional user accounts, we use a closed-loop verification (zypcreds) process using text messages. Allowing us to bypass clumsy usernames and passwords.
What countries does Zyppages support?
The Americas
+1USA / Canada
+420Czech Republic
+44United Kingdom
+27South Africa
Eurasia / Asia / Oceania
+64New Zealand
+82South Korea
+852Hong Kong

...and growing all the time.
If you would like to request a country
or have any problems receiving verification text messages, please don't hesitate to let us know.
Will my number be kept private? Absolutely. Zyppages will not share your number or any private information with any third party.
Read more about our privacy efforts
What does the service cost? During the 2012 launch period, all ZypPages services, including any premium services will be free of charge.
Can I use a document I create with MS Word? Yes, we accept Microsoft Word documents. Upon uploading, the file is converted into a PDF.
We also accept many popular image types (ex: jpg, bmp, png), which are not converted upon uploading.
If you are using a different word processor to create your flyer, please convert or export it to PDF before attempting to upload it.
Can Zyppages help me create my page? No, currently we don't offer any document creation tools or services.
If you require assistance designing a flyer, use a MS Word template to get yourself started.
Do I need a web site to use the ZypPages? Not at all. ZypPages is specifically designed to provide an online presence without the trials of creating a website.
Can I link to my website from ZypPages? Yes, but it must be embedded within the PDF document submitted. This will allow for users to click the image or url to navigate.
I just changed my phone #, how do I update my ZypPage? No problem, just follow the same steps at getting started page and use your new number.
Since our verification and retrival works off the phone number, every phone number requires it's own verification and uploading of a file.
Can I see who has viewed my page? Yes, but is only visible to the owner of that page.
To view it, please follow the steps to "Verify and Update".
On the edit-suite, you will see your page's total page views.
More advanaced statistics and analysis will be available with our initial release.
How can our company partner with ZypPages? Email frank@zyppages.com