Learn how we will protect your privacy.

Mobile Phone Privacy

We'll never share any of your information. Ever.

We hate spammers, and we've made some consessions against them.

  • Your mobile number will never be sold, given, or shared with any third party, ever. Period.
  • Your number will not be visible in any directory or listings, which can lead to getting on unwanted spam lists.

No phone directory or listings

Many bots scour the net for emails and phone numbers they can put on a spam list.
Since we have no directories for these bots to browse, you can be sure you won't be spammed.

Added Security

No Personal Information

We do not collect any personal information about any of our users. No e-mails, no passwords, no names, only phone numbers. This increases our level of privacy, but it also increases our security. With no database filled with email and password combinations, there is no threat of identity theft. With some of the biggest companies becoming victims of database theft, online identity theft is a real concern.

Short Temporary Edit Windows

When we grant editing privileges, we only grant it for a relatively short period of time. Requiring the user to autheticate themselves every time removes the worry of a user forgetting to "logout" on a shared computer; allowing for the next user of the computer to access the previous users account.