ZypPages is currently in development.
v 0.9.7


With getSatisfaction you can view questions other users have asked, ask questions directly to us at zyppages, and help other users if you feel so inclined.

On-site faq

Our faq page has all your need to know information, and we're updating it all the time.
If you don't see your question there, please ask your question either through getsatisfaction or email

Directly Email Support

If you'd prefer to e-mail us directly, please don't hesitate to do so.


Beta Release Notes

A Note About Displaying Old Docs

Files that were .doc or .pages that were posted during our initial release may have rendering issues (particularly on mobile devies). This is an inherit issue with Google Viewer. To remedy this, just simply re-upload the file.

We ♥ our Beta Testers

and our alpha testers!
Thank you all for your help! You've had a direct influence on making Zyppages better.


Known Bugs

Google Viewer - Expired Google Cookie

When attempting to use Google Viewer, if there is an expired Google cookie, the page will not load.
It will after the user has either removed the expired cookie, or completes the login to verify the cookie.

Geolocation of Non-USA AOL Users

Our current geolocation solution identifies all AOL users to be from USA, regardless of their actual location.

Problems with Indian Carrier 'Reliance'

Text messages commonly do not arrive for this carrier.
We are currently seeking a solution with our global SMS provider.


Tools Used


We use geoIP to geolocate users based on their IP address.
Accuracy: 99.5%